A Special Message From the Heart of Our Pastor

Greetings faithful members,

I pray that you all are staying safe and healthy during these trying times in which we find ourselves. Due to the change of events and the recommendations from our local, state, and federal government we must adjust the way we currently gather for worship and any subsequent meetings.

We will not physically assemble at this time, but we will gather and connect through the Zoom app for Bible Study and for Sunday Worship. Every time we meet via Zoom, you will receive the uncompromising preaching and teaching that we’ve always been accustomed to receiving.
God is faithful and will protect and provide for all His children.

Let’s continue to remain faithful in our attendance via live stream and in our giving of tithes, offerings, and alms through our online portal.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I am praying for your continued safety and health.

Pastor White

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Worship With Us

We invite you to be our very special guest at one of our weekly worship services.  Once here, you will hear the word of God rightly divided and taught in way that is simple,  scriptural,  and Christ-centered.  Your opportunities  to worship with us are as follows: