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  • Building Families through Hope, Help, & Healing!

    Hope is in the Word of God.
    Help is provided in the Spirit of God.
    Healing is offered through the people of God.


  • Pastor’s Corner


    Have you internalized the Covenant Confession yet?

    Are you comprehending in your inner man?

    Are you moving with full assurance in the things of God?

    Are you taking possession of your covenant rights and benefits?

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    Children and Youth Playdate

    Saturday, June 23 @ Jumping World

    Youth and Young Adult Weekend

    Thursday, June 21; Friday, June 22; and Sunday, June 24

    Young Adult Boating Excursion

    Coming Soon!

  • Welcome to From the Heart Church Ministries of Houston!

    You have been searching for us, and we have been looking for you. Thank God we have finally found each other! Come on home. We cannot wait to see you!
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    Worship With Us

    We invite you to be our very special guest at one of our weekly worship services.  Once here, you will hear the word of God rightly divided and taught in way that is simple,  scriptural,  and Christ-centered.  Your opportunities  to worship with us are as follows: